an affiliation of architects and support teams

We are "Nationally Local"

Our organization provides exceptional services for the fast food, retail, hospitality, and various other multi-location companies. Our extensive affiliations throughout the United States allow us to deliver nationwide support to our esteemed clientele. With a three-decade track record of excellence, ONE! is a prominent market leader with clients that need multiple locations around the country developed at the same time. Moreover, we are licensed in 48 U.S. jurisdictions and possess a tried and true team of employees, affiliates, and consultants across America dedicated to delivering prompt and efficient service. You will certainly love the fact that our organization is “nationally local,” and we look forward for the opportunity to serve your design service needs.

Carvana Novi
Carvana - Novi, Michigan

Our Affiliate Program

Are you an individual architect, upstart firm, or established regionally but looking to go national? Let us help you grow your client base throughout the United States with our unique Affiliate program. Don’t lose hard earned clients just because they think you can’t scale to meet their needs. Your partnership with ONE! can make it happen.

Courtyard by Marriott - Austin, Texas

FKC Huntington Beach
Fresenius Kidney Care - Huntington Beach, California


Our company has built a strong reputation by providing dependable and consistent services over the years. We value our long-standing partnerships with our loyal customers, some of whom have been with us for decades. Their continued trust in our company demonstrates how well we understand their needs and how committed we are to delivering exceptional service. We are honored to have such a loyal client base and are dedicated to maintaining our strong business relationships, as well as creating new ones, moving forward.

Site Planning

Planning, zoning, use permits, surveys and other entitlements needed to get a project under way.


Full service leadership of projects incorporating design, engineering and construction documents.

Construction Administration

Oversight of construction including integrated coordination with the general contractor.

Interior Design​

Space planning and design with thoughtful color and material selections fitting for the style and budget.

Surveys & Permitting

Predesign survey of existing conditions and permitting of all projects nationwide.

Records Management

Project legacy and history preserved through proprietary digital records management.

What Our Clients Say

We value collaboration and recognize the importance of building lasting partnerships with our clients. Together, we can overcome obstacles and reach our potential. We continue to cultivate a connection based on trust, integrity, and admiration to achieve extraordinary results.

Principal Don Brubaker has been our architect for 30 years and 3 bond programs. His mark is on every school building in our district. He is a rock star.
John Bachler
Director of Maintenance and Transportation

Osborn School District
Phoenix, Arizona

One Architecture has been a great and reliable partner for us. They've helped us add 35 new locations in the Phoenix and Arizona market.
Brad Flahiff
Director of Development

Barnett Management
2016 Franchisee of the Year
Avondale, Arizona

FMC Mount Hood - Sandy OR
I have been working with One Architecture for several years, primarily in California and find them to be reliable and extremely knowledgeable about this state and its regulations.
Michael Rauschenberger
Senior Project Manager

Fresenius Medical Care
Los Angeles, California

We save our most difficult projects for One Architecture. They are real problem solvers for us and are always available when we need their expertise in a hurry.
Cary Fisher
Development Manager

Western International
Dallas, Texas

a cross section of what we can do

One Architecture prides itself on its diverse range of services. Over time, we have expanded our expertise to specialize in a variety of seemingly unrelated areas. However, what unites all of our work is our systematic approach to every project. Our team creates prototypes for each of our repeat clients, based on our master building prototype created and updated for over 25 years, enabling us to design multiple projects quickly and efficiently all with minimal human error. By doing so, we are able to consistently deliver high-quality results to each project, every time. We are committed to providing innovative and reliable architectural solutions that meet the unique needs of each client and their projects.



One Architecture collaborated with  affiliates nationwide to  provide data collection, design and permitting services for DoorDash’s new Dashmart program. Our team delivered quality service at a rate of 150 locations per year, ramping up services to meet program demands. Our expertise and efficient project management contributed to the successful development of the Dashmart program.



Carvana is an online used car retailer based in Tempe, Arizona. The company is known for its multi-story car vending machines, One Architecture, in affiliation with second architectural firm in Charlotte, NC, are the tandem tag team for all the designs of their vending machines as well as their intake centers located throughout the US. This partnership is a real tribute to how our affiliate process benefits architects and clients alike.



MY SALON Suite is a top franchise in the beauty industry offering unique upscale locations for independent beauty professionals. Since 2014, we’ve designed 80+ locations across the US, committed to luxury for our clients and growth for professionals. A leader in our field, we’re dedicated to serving customers with excellence.



ONE! has extensive experience in designing and managing construction projects in the hospitality industry. Our principal architect has been working with hotel and hospitality clients since the 1980s with experience ranging from sprawling resorts in the Arizona desert to the original development of a now famous business hotel brand. Our current portfolio includes multiple hotels with multiple brands nationwide. Our services range from scheduled renovations of existing properties to the development of new brand locations.



With extensive experience as a renal architect in the United States, our firm has designed almost 200 kidney dialysis clinics since our inception in 1996. Complex projects that serve a very important social need, we are committed to providing professional full service architecture and engineering for this vital and specialized sector of the healthcare industry.



For over a decade, we’ve worked with Burger King – one of the largest franchises in the country with almost 9,000 locations. We’ve helped add 40 new standalone locations, remodeled over 100 existing franchises, and launched 120 new BK/Walmart programs. We’re grateful for the chance to partner with such a respected company and are dedicated to delivering impactful results.

Special Services

Our company has been acknowledged for providing exceptional services that surpass the norm of the typical design firm. We consistently seek ways to expand our capabilities and cater to our clients’ unique needs. Our team is experienced in designing programs for national rollouts and assisting clients in organizing and preserving a comprehensive record of their projects. We believe in making a difference and aim to provide the best possible experience for our clients.



Whether it’s a new startup or an established franchise, one location at a time or hundreds all at once, One Architecture can and has consistently provided programs designed and tailored specifically for each client’s needs. Working with our network of national affiliates and consultants we can ramp up quickly and sustain our efforts over time, resulting in a successful outcome for every program we develop.



IMHOTEP offers reliable building information solutions backed by 35 years of architectural experience. Our products simplify tasks, like data collection and facility record-keeping to maximize efficiency and streamline processes. Our clients trust that our team provides top-notch support to make the most out of our innovative solutions, which cater to the unique needs of the construction industry. Choose IMHOTEP for professional and dependable data collection and facility records management.

Team ONE!

Our team members are an invaluable asset to our organization. They have dedicated years of service to our clients and have shown exceptional abilities in working nationwide and remotely. They possess the self-motivation and trust essential for personal and organizational success. Our culture places our employees first, recognizing their importance in our company’s success.


Dustin Curtis

Principal Architect

Phoenix, Arizona


Nathan Bisch

Director of Operations

St. Louis, Missouri


James Farrell

Senior Project Manager

Phoenix, Arizona

Jon Totel

Senior Project Manager

Phoenix, Arizona

Silvia Marquart

Senior Project Manager

Vancouver, Washington

Jackie Miller

Senior Project Manager

Fayetteville, North Carolina

Tara Nardelli

Project Manager

Orlando, Florida

Susan Van Rooyan

Project Manager

Seattle, Washingtom


Jorge Ibarra


Phoenix, Arizona

Doug Cox

National Permitting

Phoenix, Arizona


Joyce Curtis

Accounts Payable

Phoenix, Arizona

Betsy Duge

Accounts Receivable

Phoenix, Arizona