We provide Traditional ones...

When hiring a full service architectural firm you should expect a certain level of services that are the same from firm to firm. We are no exception and these are the traditional services we provide for all of our projects. And furthermore, we do them with the quality and  professionalism you should expect from a quarter century of experience.

Programming/ Schematic Design

Understanding all of the requirements and desires a client has for their project.

Design Development

Turning those requirements into an idea that can be studied and developed.

construction documents

Making a set of plans for the project that becomes a road map for the final product.

bidding & permitting​

Getting approvals for the plans from the city and helping select a contractor.

construction administration

Working closely with the contractor and the client to assure the dream is realized.

...And not so traditional ones

These are services we have developed that set us apart from the crowd. And we have refined them over the years in response to things that don’t work well in our industry. Because this is our vision for the future of the built environment. We hope to take you along with us.


We help school districts and government agencies via pre-approved procurement, removing the need for a time consuming and costly RFP process on each project.


We survey the existing conditions of any site and assure the most critical information is documented correctly. We survey throughout the US whether you need one site or many.


Digital asset management (DAM) for all your properties. Retrieve any document in seconds. Never lose anything. Great for property managers, franchisees and facilities directors.


Our permitting services take the cumbersome and tedious task of obtaining building permits out of your hands, freeing up your time that is better spent elsewhere. Nationwide services.

Here's a free service we really like from our sister company. Try it out!

CITYLINKS by Imhotep

We make all building permit sites look the same!

Building Codes | Building departments | Health Departments | Permit Applications | Electronic uploads | and much more



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