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The construction industry is known for its unpredictability, and as a part of this industry, we understand our clients’ need for stability and flexibility. We have established a nationwide network of affiliates and consultants to provide them with the best possible team and resources to handle any situation.

Our experience in managing projects of varying sizes and types across the country can be of great value to you. Our team possesses the necessary licenses to practice architecture in all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia, and we have access to consultants of every discipline to meet your specific needs.

Our affiliations span multiple cities around the United States, which also aid us in offering a local presence wherever required. To succeed, we believe that teamwork and diversity play a crucial role, and our multidisciplinary expertise helps us achieve our clients’ goals.


Start Right

Knowing what the process needs to be and setting it up correctly from the beginning will assure success throughout the project.

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Don't let up ‚Äč

Pay attention to the schedule and the details along the way. Consistency is key to a timely and successful project.


Finish Strong

Make sure it gets built the way it was envisioned. Close it out the right way and record it properly for posterity.

It is amazing how much can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit.


One Architecture was established in September of 1993 as a small business by our principal architect, Dustin Curtis, who is a graduate of the Arizona State University College of Architecture. Our firm initially experienced modest growth, but persevered and grew through the challenges of the 9/11 recession, the Great Recession, and most recently, the impact of the Covid pandemic.

Our talented and committed employees have been instrumental in enabling us to overcome these obstacles each time. In 2009, we expanded our reach from a regional to a national firm with representatives and associates located across the United States. This transition allowed us to develop our remote working expertise years before Covid hit, and this serves us very well to this day.

We currently operate seamlessly using well-established technologies and proven best practices, irrespective of project location or type, and this has proven beneficial to our clients both large and small.


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